Our farm

Our farm is located in Črenšovci, a small town in the Prekmurje region, with the richest and most fertile soil in Slovenia, where we grow the potatoes for our vodka.

Since the entire process is carried out at our farm, we can carefully monitor the growth of our potatoes and then nourish and process them into a bottle. This is what distinguishes us from other producers and makes our potato vodka a premium product with a specific flavour you will get to experience after your very first sip.


We begin the process by mashing the potatoes and preparing the potato mixture for fermentation. From a technological point of view the potatoes must be ripe enough, so the fermentation can take place under the same conditions. Next, we add some gentle yeast to speed up the fermentation and after approximately a week we get a low alcohol content distillation mixture.


The low alcohol content mixture is drained into a distillation caldron made of copper. We have learned from experienced spirit distillers that this procedure requires patience, for it has to be performed 4-times in a row. After the process is finished we get a spirit with high alcohol volume (96% ABV) which turns to vodka at our farm.


After the distillation process is completed, we mix the raw spirit with water from the remains of the Pannonian Sea. This special water is retrieved from the depths of the Pannonian Plain that was once (approx. one million years ago) covered by the Pannonian Sea. Once we have reached the desired 40% alcohol volume, we naturally filter our vodka through activated charcoal to neutralise the potato flavour and give our product its soft taste. The natural filtration process is repeated 4-times and after that our carefully produced premium potato vodka can be filled into amazing bottles from Steklarna Hrastnik and enjoyed the next day.